Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Supporting GOAL (The International Humanitarian Agency)

Changing Space 3, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100cm
I was asked to support the excellent work of GOAL (the international humanitarian agency) by donating a painting from my own collection to be auctioned at their Annual Ball at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge, London which was held on Saturday, May 18th.

I am please to say that the painting was sold and raised much needed money which will help elevating the suffering of some of the poorest of the poor. I would like to say a big thanks Helen and Malachy for purchasing the painting. There support will help the work of GOAL. 

Helen, Jonathan and Malachy at the GOAL Ball
What is GOAL?
GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor.  They are a non-denominational, non-governmental and  non-political organisation.

History of GOAL:
GOAL was founded in 1977 by former sports journalist and former Chief Executive, John O’Shea. Since its inception, GOAL has spent in excess of €720 million on humanitarian programmes in more than 50 countries. Over 2,800 GOALies and many thousands of local staff have worked in the developing world on GOAL’s behalf and the organisation has responded to every major humanitarian disaster since 1977.

Where do GOAL operate?
GOAL currently has in excess of 100 GOALies based in 13 countries: Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Sierra Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Across GOAL’s fields of operation, thousands of locally-based staff are employed alongside the GOALies, where together they deliver on a range of humanitarian programmes. GOALies come from all walks of life: accountants, nurses, doctors, nutritionists, logisticians, engineers, administrative personnel, and so on.

 Please see the GOAL web-site for more information:  http://www.goal.ie/GOAL_UK_Ball/634

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Afforable work Available

These artworks explore the relationship between rural Ireland and rural England and how different geographical spaces are inter-linked. The artwork is full of texture which reflects the idea of a physical environment.
Changing Spaces 3, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100cm (Sold)
Changing Spaces 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 100x100cm (SOLD)
Screaming Sky 1, Hessian on Canvas with Acrylic Paint, 100x100cm, £800 (offers welcomed)
Screaming Sky 2, Hessian on Canvas with Acrylic Paint, 100x100cm, £800 (offers welcomed)
Screaming Sky 3, Hessian on Canvas with Acrylic Paint, 100x100cm, £800 (offers welcomed)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Artwork available to Purchase

This blog is specifically to provide information to those people who are interested in purchasing my artwork. The aim is to preview selected work from my collections and make these available to buyers. If you are interested in purchasing my work please contact me artist@jonathanodea.com

Currently I am sell some of my work in order to cover costs associated with my involvement with The Gathering Ireland 2013 festival were I will be hosting a solo exhibition of my work at the European Commission in Dublin.

The following work was produced for exhibition titled, 'London is London, England is England', which was part of Waltham Forest Borough Council cultural programme for 2010 to celebrate the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games. The work was later shown at the European Commission in London as part of their cultural programme in 2011. Both exhibitions were supported by Arts Council England and the Irish Embassy in Britain.

Essex on London, Acrylic on Canvas, 150x120cm, (SOLD)
Essex on London in Winter, Acrylic on Canvas, 150x120cm, £1200
London is London Part 1, Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, £2500
London is London Part 2, Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, £2500
A Grey Area 1, Acrylic on Board, 80x60cm (Framed), £800
A Grey Area 2, Acrylic on Board, 80x60cm (Framed), £800
A Grey Area 3, Acrylic on Board, 80x60cm (Framed), £800